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Most collections of poetry are works of published poets assembled by some famous person.

These are unpublished poems that I wrote. Most are from a book of my poems I had bound in college.

I'm a nobody in literature, but even if I'm the only one who likes my poems, I'm posting them here.

Poems Nobody Likes


Recent Poems
The Hangar
Remembrance of dating

The Man And The Moon
Remembering a lost love

The Black Cat
Recognizing kindred souls

Cummings & Goings
My apologies to E.E. Cummings for attempting to extend my favorite poem.

A Dog Barking Outside My Door
Recent revision of a poem I wrote in college

Rain Squall
Rain in Phoenix seems to be an event

Alumninumb Missal
Reflecting on graduating from college

Ode to an Urban Airport
Cans, tubes, and wheeled wings


Six Sexual Sonnets


Poems From College




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