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Poem Introduction

This poem is based on E.E. Cummings poem "Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town."

Cummings was known for playing with poem layout and an indifference to capitalization.



Cummings  And  Goings 
by Michael T. Martin

"Anyone lived in a pretty how town," said e.
E. cummings, "No One loved him, you know."
"All my life I felt that No One really loved me,"
I replied, "but I guess that's the way things go."

"You're thinking of Nobody. Nobody loved you,"
Cummings replied, stating it as a fact of life.
"Not that it really matters," I said as a fact too,
"I wanted somebody to love me, be my wife."

"But then, everybody wanted somebody," he averred,
"You can't really blame him, she had some body."
"Oh yeah, she stood out in a crowd," I declared,
"And the clothes she wore were so gaudy."

"You know, I slept with her once," I said with a grin.
Cummings asked "You slept with who?"
"Well, who was first, but somebody then."
"And everybody knew about this? He knew?"

"No. Not everybody. Everyone did actually."
Cummings looked at me skeptically, "Son,
everyone didn't tell everybody? Factually?"
"Nope, as far as I know he didn't tell anyone."

"You're lucky with that. If anyone knew, I know
He would have told everybody," said e.e.
"I'm certain he told No One," I said "and so
That was why she thought somebody loved me."

"Someones married their everyones," cummings said.
"Everybody married somebody," I replied,
"With up so floating many bells down. They wed.
Except for me, that is." I sighed.

"One day anyone died, I guess," said e.e.
"No One was at his funeral," I said, "alone.
I still hoped that she had feelings for me.
No One noticed me there with a moan."

"I never understood why No One married anyone, e.e.,"
I said, "It hurt me at the time, I asked her why, among things.
And she said because she thought somebody loved me."
"They were good friends, you know," said cummings.

"Nobody loved you all along. But you ignored that."
"Funny," I said, "I thought No One loved me but nobody did."
E.e. cummings stood with his coat, opened the door and put on his hat,
"Only the snow can begin to explain," he said laughing like a little kid.


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