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I have many essays and reports that I wrote over the years on various issues. I decided to post selected examples because they are often still relevant and I can refer people to them here.

Issues I Have Written About


Lead Poisoning
Police Brutality
Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri, and similar events in other places may highlight lead poisoning as one source of police brutality
Lead Poisoning Research
Links to research demonstrating the role of lead poisoning in crime, schizophrenia, and I.Q. loss.
Lead Poisoning and History
A short compilation of lead poisoning affecting history.
Lead Poisoning and Failing Schools
A 70-page summary of research on lead poisoning and failing schools. Published in 2001 it is out of date but may still be valuable.



Wringing The Bell Curve
An analysis of why two different numbers may not be actually different.
Regression Towards The Mean
An explanation of a common statistical scam due to normal variation.
Martin's Paradox
It is a mathematical certainty that the better your educational system the more your students will score below average.
Martin's Comparadox
The shape of the test score distribution is more important than the scores in judging a good school.



The New Paradigm of Public Education (pdf)
An unpublished book I wrote summarizing widespread consensus on school reform.
NAEP Test Scores Fraud (pdf)
An analysis I wrote showing one simple statistic explains nearly all of the test score variations between states.
Stop Teaching! (pdf)
An unpublished book I wrote emphasizing the research showing that: “Good teachers never teach anything. What they do is create the conditions under which learning takes place.”
(S.I. Hayakawa)
Waiting for Superfraud
An essay I wrote in 2010 that received national attention. The essay explains the fraud perpetrated by billionaires to discredit public education .



The Fantastic Electric History Machine
A recent summary of what I discovered about ancient history as an undergraduate.
Understanding Economics
An extended explanation of why basketball player salaries cannot affect ticket prices (previously posted elsewhere on the internet)


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