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Short Stories I Wrote
Contents may change over time.

Most of these short stories were written as creative writing class assignments.

Now available on Amazon in short story collections:

The Bus to Snaketown

Stories included:
The Bus to Snaketown (3,530 words)
A walk to face fear.
Nolo Contendere (3,970 words)
Love between a man and a machine.
The Day of the Heron (1,860 words)
Talking with a child about death.
Sharlette's Web (2,765 words)
An affair between predator and prey
A Touching Moment (421 words)
Reflecting on right and wrong in an affair
The Journey (2,070 words)
Things are not always what we think

The Train To Ecstasy

Stories included:
The Train to Ecstasy( 2,640 words)
A woman enjoys multiple men
Crocodile Rock (1,600 words)
A sexually predatory woman
Conventional Wisdom (1,290 words)
A hot time at a library convention
Ave Maria (1,510 words)
The appreciation of a promiscuous woman
Getting Religion( 2,225 words)
A young woman finds her libido satisfied by prayer
A Nevada Sunset (1,300 words)
Two people at a Nevada brothel


Works in Progress

The Count
( 2,033 words) A nonsense tale.

The Emergence
( 2,025 words) A memoir about living after tragedy.

The Great White Shark
( 1,100 words) The pain of discovering adultery

Facing The Lions
( 1,005 words) Divorce and reconciliation when fears remain


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