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Most of these short stories were written as creative writing class assignments.

Sharlette's Web
( 2,765 words) An amorous affair between predator and prey

A Nevada Sunset
( 1,300 words) Two people at a Nevada brothel find each other

A Touching Moment
( 421 words) Reflecting on right and wrong in an affair

Ave Maria
( 1,510 words) The appreciation of a promiscuous woman

Nolo Contendere
( 3,970 words) Love between a man and a machine.

The Great White Shark
( 1,100 words) The pain of discovering adultery

Facing The Lions
( 1,005 words) Divorce and reconciliation when fears remain

The Train to Ecstasy
( 2,640 words) A woman enjoys multiple men

Getting Religion
( 2,225 words) A young woman finds her libido satisfied by prayer

Crocodile Rock
( 1,600 words) A sexually predatory woman

Conventional Wisdom
( 1,290 words) A hot time at a library convention

The Bus to Snaketown
( 3,530 words) A walk to face fear.

The Emergence
( 2,025 words) A memoir about living after tragedy.

The Day of the Heron
( 1,860 words) Talking with a child about death.

The Journey
( 2,070 words) Sometimes things are not always what we think


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