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Poem Introduction

Written originally to describe an actual event in 2012.

Revised November 23, 2015



Rain Squall 
by Michael T. Martin

Raindrops from a darkened sky
Speckle the dry concrete walk
While mounting gusting breezes sigh
And towering bulbous clouds talk
Speaking in long rumbled moans
Amid the frantic wind chime's tones

Rivulet strands of light flash
Heralding the rumbling boom
While newly formed puddles splash
And grateful plants consume
Dissolutions of the dampened ground
Amid the wind's whispery sound

Soon precipitation's mass descent
Drums a pitter patter chill into the air
While swaying tall tree canopies bent
By strident winds and shaken fair
Dance the morning's storm along
Amid the howling wind's song

Until sunbeams' gentle tickles
Laugh a double rainbow awake
Illuminating coalescing quiet trickles
As a brightened sky of colors shake
Free remnant water beads glistening
Amid the sighing wind's calm listening


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