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Poem Introduction

This was originally written reflecting on the importance of my college experience.

It originally referred to the Hutchins program at Sonoma State College but then I decided to make it more generic by calling it university.



Alumninumb Missal 

Casting petals from time's flower
Remembering as they flutter back
In consciousness into that abyss
Of history we all trod.

University was the launch pad
Of the missile contrails we all became
Propelled into that vast expanse of life
As youth fell away in stages fluttering
Back into that abyss of history

Until at the edge of twilight when
The gravity of situations no longer
Have their importance, our minds
Float weightless waiting at apogee
For the inevitable fall back into the abyss

Burning up in the atmosphere of our
Declining years, pieces of our minds
Breaking away with smoldering memories
Names fluttering away from faces
That were once on launch pads
With us when that flower was but a seed.

"Those were the days, my friend"
Echos from the loudspeakers above
The launch pads as other faces
Ready for lift-off in new centuries
Wondering what it all means

And so do I in a different way
Embroiled in the flames of friction
With inevitability, hurtling into
Oblivion's abyss. This was one life
That might never have been lived

With all its unimportance
To everyone except me for
University was the gantry of
The butterfly on time's flower.

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