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Poem Introduction

A long time ago
in college, I decided
for fun to write
Six Sexual Sonnets.

This was the sixth.
I titled them after
women I knew at the
time but the text is
a mixture of truth
and wishful thinking.




Afire! Insane! I am of rapture numb,
Enthralled by this exquisite carousel,
I ride distraught and gasp a whispered yell
"Oh Stephanie, oh Stephanie, I come."

Calliope! My mind's my heartbeat's drum
Resounding as I ride each circuit's swell,
Atop this mare clasped tight about her yellow
Mane in terror that I might succumb
To my release. "Oh Stephanie, my soul,
oh Stephanie" while as I call you name
I rise and fall upon this plunging pole.
Oh but that it were this beast were tame
I'd ride forever on this hirsute knoll
And die atop your saddle 'ere I came.


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