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Poem Introduction

A long time ago
in college, I decided
for fun to write
Six Sexual Sonnets.

This was the second.
I titled them after
women I knew at the
time but the text is
a mixture of truth
and wishful thinking.




There was a time when I would lie near her
Enjoying warmth that radiated from
Her sleeping form, and I would wait for some
Excuse to wake her, watching to be sure

That she was waking anyway because
Then she would smile and stretch and I would often
Stroke her face while nibbling kisses, softly
Telling her how beautiful she was

Or how her flaring hips aroused me when
She walked about unclothed (she would smile), then
A moment unannounced would come and I
Would pull her under me and probing my

Erection down between her open thighs
I'd enter softly welcomed by her sighs.


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