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Poem Introduction

A long time ago
in college, I decided
for fun to write
Six Sexual Sonnets.

This was the fifth.
I titled them after
women I knew at the
time but the text is
a mixture of truth
and wishful thinking.




She was an artist (paints and leatherwork)
And years have passed (she was my lover then)
Yet still inside me carnal feelings perc-
olate remembering the moments when

Embracing, her petite behind was wet,
And slipping soothingly into her pubic clasp
We writhed the sheets and smelled our sweat
And came, her buttocks tight within my grasp;

As thrusting, nuzzling, murmuring her name,
Impassioned by the pleasure in her eyes,
I lay there cradling tight her supple frame
Between her firm and smooth erotic thighs.

Sometimes I wish that she were here today
With me instead of years and miles away.


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