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Poem Introduction

A long time ago
in college, I decided
for fun to write
Six Sexual Sonnets.

This was the first.
I titled them after
women I knew at the
time but the text is
a mixture of truth
and wishful thinking.




She had invited me for dinner and
We talked until it was late, so I said
"Should I stay or will you drive me home?" and
Then she had smiled and gone to clear her bed.

I followed her and helped to spread the quilt
Then sat on it. She leaned down unafraid
And pushed me back. Then tugging free my belt
And covering my mouth with hers she played.

When I was nude and well aroused, she rose
And lit a candle (turning off the light)
Then I watched her removing her own clothes
Before she softly mounted me upright.

And rode me gently like a human succubus,
Delighted to be young and amorous.


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