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Poem Introduction

A long time ago
in college, I decided
for fun to write
Six Sexual Sonnets.

This was the fourth.
I titled them after
women I knew at the
time but the text is
a mixture of truth
and wishful thinking.




Soon after I had come, with her on me,
She rose (her body outlined in the night)
And turning, lay the length of her on me
So that I lay beneath her pubic bight.

I felt her hands and breasts upon my hips
And then sensation shuddered through me from
The touch of palate and encircling lips
To start me yearning where I had been numb.

Then I kissed deep into her mat of hair
Into the milky cleave of tender skin
To drink the warm soft liquid oozing there
And licked the tender vulva walls within

While with her mouth between my open thighs
She sipped on me to bring another rise.


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