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Poem Introduction

A long time ago
I lived in the Sunset
district of San Francisco
in a rooming house,
alone, dating when I could.

I wrote this then
but I've forgotten
who it's about
except for her name.

Apparently nothing
came of it.




There you are
Sitting here with me
On the green grassy sea
Of Golden Gate Park.

How can I say,
Why can't I say?
What there is
In the cosmic
Field between us.

Your lips I remember,
Remembering nights,
And vaguely your eyes
And your hair

But mainly your lips.
No Mona Lisa smile,
Just something in
Their thin small …
I don't know.

How do you draw
Infatuation? What colors
Do you use? Green?
Like your eyes.

Most days I come
Alone to the park
And look at the trees
And ducks and squirrels
And flowers and skies …

But today I just look at you,
Lovely as a flower,
Lively as rustling tree leaves
Graceful as a swimming swan.


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