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Poem Introduction

A long time ago in college.

My girlfriend
was killed in a
car accident.



Cathy Sue 

One time I looked and the blood had dried
The soil turned and the flowers had wilted
One time I guess in a mind's glaze it wilted

One time I awoke in an empty morning
To a radio alarm and the morning news
And the announcer told of a fallen dream

One time when the blank wall reared before me
Someone else had pained and died and I was
No more scathed than a morning sunray

One time comes like a silent thunder
A burst of nothing, a flash of invisible light
Tomorrow never apologizing for yesterday

One time a cold lonely morning wind
Slid around me as I borrowed its chill
And wondered having no where to start to think

An ambulance screams for its patients
Crying across a desert trail
And time leaves one less mind alone

He was she was they were
I am now with mornings coming
Crescent moon and silvery evenings

One time - One time - One time
One time and a myriad maybe's
One time and I walk a different way

One time you go through a tunnel
That ends up where you started …
Only now the tunnel is gone

One time I went to an empty barrel
And reached in for a new day
And I cried … that time.


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